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Tailored Solutions for Property Management Companies

Tenant Evaluation understands the unique needs of Property Management Companies. Our comprehensive platform streamlines the tenant screening process and simplifies document collection, empowering property managers to efficiently onboard new residents.

Streamline Approval Processes with Tenant Evaluation's Intuitive Manager Dashboard

Tenant Evaluation's Manager Dashboard empowers property managers with an intuitive interface, simplifying approval processes and enhancing productivity.

  • Convert your entire application and association documents online
  • Collect any association fees online eliminating the invoicing process
  • Create mandatory fields for the applicant to review and electronically sign
  • Conduct instant, in-depth background screening on each applicant
  • Conveniently store your files on our cloud
  • Compile all documents required to approve or deny applicants based on your criteria

Streamline Onboarding for Board Members with Tenant Evaluation's Advanced Features

Tenant Evaluation provides board members with a comprehensive onboarding solution that simplifies the approval process and enhances decision-making. With features such as smart onboarding, seamless compliance, and a transparent application process, board members can efficiently manage new renters and access all necessary applicant data.

Simple Setup

Effortlessly complete initial setup forms and provide community rules and requirements for new renters.

Effortless Compliance

Present deposit requirements and necessary documents to the board for accurate approval.

For Applicants

Streamline Your Tenants Onboarding Process

Tenant Evaluation provides a simple, friendly, and time-saving experience for applicants. Our digital platform eliminates the need for manual paperwork and allows for quick and efficient onboarding powered by AI.

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