Streamlined Tenants Onboarding Solution

Unlock efficiency and productivity with our cutting-edge platform. Customize screenings, automate approvals, and communicate effortlessly. Enjoy a constant return on investment through our rebate model. Simplify resident onboarding with our user-friendly AI-powered dashboard. Experience unparalleled efficiency!

Let us handle the entire resident onboarding process for you!

Comprehensive screening of all types, automated document collection and personalized support to all incoming residents to provide an efficient solution.

  • Collection of Electronic Signatures
  • Customized Community Requirements
  • ID Verification
  • Collection of application fees - Bye-bye checks!
  • 24/7 AI Chatbot Support
  • Chatbot not enough? Support team available with actual people

Signature Service

Simplify document management and collection process.

Document Collections

Tailor document collection to your needs.
let us handle the entire resident onboarding

Cutting-Edge AI Technology

AI Background Checks

Automatically conducts thorough background checks, sifting through critical data points for expedited screening.

AI-Powered Analytics

Provides real-time, comprehensive analytics reports to enable data-driven decisions.

Document Analysis

Scrutinizes applicant-uploaded documents for legitimacy and security.

AI Chatbot Support

Offers 24/7 AI Chatbot assistance to guide applicants, answer queries, and troubleshoot issues.

Boost Productivity with Our All-in-One Platform

Step into the world of limitless possibilities with our All-in-one Feature list – a comprehensive showcase of everything Tenantev has to offer. Imagine it as a personalized menu where each feature is paired with a real-world scenario, bringing our capabilities to life.

Customizable Screening

Unlock the Power: Tailor screening criteria to match your community’s unique needs. Imagine effortlessly filtering through applications, ensuring a seamless process that saves you time and headaches.

Automated Approval

Streamlined Decisions: Picture this – applications are swiftly approved or denied with a click, thanks to our QuickApprove feature. Efficiency at its finest, reducing decision-making time and expediting the resident onboarding process.

Transparent Communication

Effortless Collaboration: Break free from communication barriers. Visualize a platform where all stakeholders communicate transparently, minimizing misunderstandings and fostering a harmonious environment.

Nationwide Evictions and Judgements

Informed Decision-Making: Instant insights from public records on evictions, suits, liens, and judgments for effective decision-making.

Income/Bank Verification

Real-Time Financial Reflection: Direct connection to applicants' bank accounts for a real-time view of financial standing with a confidence score.

Canadian Credit Report With SSN

International Verification: Additional service with varying pricing for Canadian credit reports.

Customized Document Confirmation Review

Offer peace of mind to incoming residents with a customizable confirmation letter, available in Lite or Plus versions. Additionally, enhance stakeholder interaction by customizing approval/denial letters aligned with community branding.

Constant ROI Through Rebate Model

Effortless Collaboration: Break free from communication barriers. Visualize a platform where all stakeholders communicate transparently, minimizing misunderstandings and fostering a harmonious environment.

User-Friendly AI-Powered Dashboard

Simplified Onboarding: Navigate our user-friendly dashboard, powered by advanced AI. Envision resident onboarding becoming a breeze, with every interaction optimized for simplicity and efficiency.

Financial Standing Assessment

Real-time Insights: Immediate evaluation of applicants' financial standing, including deposit history and current balance with a confidence score.

Landlord Verification

Comprehensive Investigation: Database research and direct contact with landlords for a thorough verification process, including payment records and tenancy history.

Employment and Character Verification

Employment Confirmation: Confirm employment details through income reports or direct contact.
Character Validation: Contact references and current landlords to verify character and information.

Digitized Application Process

Efficient Conversion: Convert application/screening packets into electronic documents, automatically transferring data from the Tenant Evaluation website.

Additional Application Services

You can collect additional documentation beyond the basic package.

Elevate your partnership with tenantevaluation

Elevate Your Partnership with TenantEvaluation

Unlock a new era of partnership with TenantEvaluation, where we redefine collaboration through our commitment to saving your time, maximizing your financial gains, and offering unmatched convenience. Explore our three pillars that transform the resident onboarding landscape and elevate your experience in property management.


Reclaim control of your schedule with our automated platform, streamlining resident onboarding and saving you valuable time.


Maximize profits effortlessly as we transform application processing into a steady revenue stream for your community or management company.


Enjoy hassle-free property management with TenantEvaluation, simplifying resident onboarding since 2007 for unmatched ease and satisfaction.

Unlocking Your Full Potential
Easy access to all applicant data

With TE, associations can effortlessly tailor document collection, gather electronic signatures, and conduct applicant screenings. Community managers gain access to all applicant data essential for informed decision-making by Boards.

unlocking your full potential
Efficient Board of Directors Approval System and Votings

Efficient Board of Directors Approval System and Votings

Improve the efficiency of your board by removing 98% of the approval labor. Assign Voter or Approver roles, enable private communication, and streamline the approval process.

Communicate privately with fellow Board Members and Property Managers via a suit-in chat box.
Assign either Voter or Approver roles to your community’s Board of Directors, ensuring the proper approval procedures are followed.

Effortlessly Collect Documents and Signatures

Automate Board Approval and Compliance

TE's smart onboarding feature allows your management team to easily complete initial setup forms, providing your community's rules and requirements for new renters.

Transparent and User-Friendly Process

Applicants enjoy a clear, fast, and user-friendly application process, while boards can conveniently access and review information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Electronic Signature

TE offers an Electronic Signature service, enhancing the efficiency and security of document signing for tenants and applicants.

Mobile Applications - Coming soon

TE offers user-friendly mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, streamlining the application and onboarding processes.

Happy Customers

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TE has revolutionized our onboarding process. It's efficient and user-friendly.
TE has made our onboarding process simple and hassle-free. Highly recommended.

Jane Smith


Great service and best web site experience. As a web designer I have worked with many platform and Tenant Evaluation is remarkable.

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