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Streamline Your Process with Onboarding Hub

Welcome to the heart of the action – the Onboarding Hub, where the magic unfolds. Once your management or community account is live, the Onboarding Hub grants you full control to effortlessly create and manage new communities. The best part? It's all about customization tailored to your community's unique needs. You become a master at expanding your TE portfolio, and some of our partners have smoothly established over 30 new communities in a single week.

Setting up is a breeze

Define your community requirements in just 5 minutes, and our dedicated team swiftly activates the setup. Revel in the power to direct profits, add users, and leverage AI technology to generate insightful reports. In a world where data-driven decisions reign supreme, the Onboarding Hub provides instant access to data, empowering you to make informed choices at any moment. Your journey to seamless community management starts here.

revolutionizing onboarding with friendly digital solutions
Resident Application Portal

Introducing the TenantEV. Streamlined Resident Applications

Welcome to the gateway of streamlined resident applications – Tenantev's Resident Application Portal. Effortlessly guiding applicants through a foolproof process outlined on our live sheets, bid farewell to missing information. The parameters you set during community creation act as gatekeepers, ensuring a comprehensive report that meets every community's needs.


Unlock the Power of TenantEvaluation's Management Dashboard

Curious about how to access those applications? No worries – once your community's account is active, each member gets their own secure login credentials for portal access.
Inside, discover your digital mailbox, the hub for all applications. Download reports effortlessly or let our AI bots highlight key data for you.
Want to streamline approvals? Enter the QuickApprove feature – a simple thumbs up/down click for instant application decisions and triggered decision letters.

Got board members involved in approvals?

We've got it covered. Include the committee, set up votes, and approve applications directly.
And that's just the start – additional functions tailored to your community's needs, depending on your selected features during creation. Welcome to the seamless world of the Management Dashboard.

Unlock the Power of TenantEvaluation's Management Dashboard

Efficient Document Management for Flawless Onboarding

Our platform ensures all necessary documents, such as leases, vehicle registrations, and pet information, are securely stored and easily accessible for boards and property managers.

Efficient Document Management for Flawless Onboarding
Simplifying Financial Management with the Income Report Module

Simplifying Financial Management with the Income Report Module

The income report module provides a clear overview of all revenue generated from the onboarding process, streamlining financial management for associations.


Track and analyze revenue generated from onboarding with the intuitive income report module.


Gain insights into financial performance and make informed decisions for your community.


Streamline Board Votes for Accurate Decision-Making

Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily track and record board votes, ensuring accurate decision-making and compliance with community regulations.

Streamline Board Votes for Accurate Decision-Making


Find answers to common questions about Tenant Evaluation's platforms and their benefits.

How does TE work?

TE is a comprehensive onboarding solution that guides residents from start to finish with ease. It allows associations to tailor document collection, gather electronic signatures, and conduct applicant screenings. Community managers gain access to all applicant data essential for informed decision-making by Boards.

What are the benefits?

TE simplifies the onboarding process for applicants, providing a transparent and user-friendly application experience. Boards can conveniently access and review information from anywhere with an internet connection.

How can TE help property managers?

TE streamlines tasks, increases productivity, and ensures compliance with board approval processes. It also provides a seamless experience for all sides involved in the onboarding process.

What are the features?

TE delivers intelligent onboarding, simplified community setup, and smooth compliance. Empowering management teams to swiftly handle initial setup forms, present deposit requirements, and essential documents to the board, it ensures a transparent and efficient application process for applicants.

How secure is TE?

TE ensures top security for all data through encryption and Blockchain technologies. Your information is safe and protected.

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