Revolutionizing Property Management

At Tenant Evaluation, our mission is to revolutionize the onboarding process by providing innovative and secure solutions. We are committed to streamlining workflows and ensuring a great user experience for all stakeholders.


Transforming the Property Management Industry Over 10 Years

At TE, our mission is to revolutionize the property management industry with a straightforward onboarding solution that simplifies the process for residents and community managers.

Through our intelligent onboarding technology, user-friendly community setup, and stress-free board approval process, we empower property managers to unlock their full potential and boost productivity effortlessly.


Unlock Your Full Potential Powered By AI

Tenant Evaluation's platform empowers property managers and board members with increased productivity, reduced workload, and better decision-making. With TE, you can effortlessly streamline your onboarding process, tailor document collection, gather electronic signatures, and conduct applicant screenings.

Increased Productivity

Effortlessly complete initial setup forms and provide community rules and requirements.

Better Decision-Making

Present deposit requirements and necessary documents to the board for accurate approval.

Unlock Your Full Potential Powered By AI

Revolutionizing Property Management with Streamlined Onboarding

Total Active Communities
Number of Applications Processed
Monthly Active Users
Revenue made for the communities on our platform
Remove 98% of the approval labor and instate a Board Committee on our platform.
Successful onboarding processes, and satisfied clients

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