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At TE, we optimize resident onboarding by digitizing and streamlining the entire process. From screenings to document collection and signatures, we handle it all, reducing the workload for associations and community managers. Are you looking for savings in time and money through a convenient solution? Experience a seamless and digitized onboarding process with TE.

Intelligent Onboarding Solution

Established in 2007, Tenant Evaluation (TE) pioneers software solutions dedicated to simplifying and optimizing the resident onboarding process.
TE empowers associations to easily customize document collection, procure electronic signatures, and perform thorough applicant screenings. Our holistic onboarding solution eradicates complexity, fostering a streamlined and efficient workflow for both applicants and the community

Transforming the Onboarding Experience
Our Journey to Success

Since our inception, we've transformed the onboarding process, offering hassle-free solutions for associations and community managers. With our user-friendly platform, we've simplified document collection, electronic signatures, and applicant screenings, empowering boards to make informed decisions effortlessly.

Elevate your operations and empower your team to achieve more with our cutting-edge, user-friendly onboarding platform.
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Streamline Approval Processes with Tenant Evaluation's Intuitive Manager Dashboard

Revolutionizing Property Management Nation Wide

Trusted by 50,000+ communities nationwide, we've eliminated the hassles of manual processes, such as collecting documents, chasing checks, and handling resident inquiries over the phone.

This allows you to allocate your resources more efficiently towards community management.

Total Active Communities
Number of Applications Processed
Monthly Active Users
Revenue made for the communities on our platform
Remove 98% of the approval labor and instate a Board Committee on our platform.
Successful onboarding processes, and satisfied clients
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Ensuring Data Privacy, AI and Innovations at Tenant Evaluation

Our upcoming mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms promise a smooth, user-friendly onboarding process. Cutting-edge AI technology ensures comprehensive background checks, real-time analytics, and document analysis, streamlining the screening process.

With AI Chatbot support available 24/7, we prioritize user experience and security. We believe in innovation and security going hand in hand, providing a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly experience for property managers and applicants alike. Join us in shaping the future of property management.


Meet Our Team

Discover the experts behind Tenant Evaluation's success.

Luis Teran
Leo Coniglione
Managing Partner & CIO
Serafina Teran
Adriana Rojas
VP of Operations
Tom Tauber
VP of Business Development
Julian Rodriguez
Senior Project Manager
Carmel Silveira
Office Manager/Client Satisfaction Supervisor
Karen Díaz
Applications Supervisor & Quality Control
Kevin Forero
IT Quality Assurance & Technical Support Analyst
Olive Chebet
Business Operations Manager

Over a Decade of Service

Founded in 2007, Tenant Evaluation set out with a mission to provide our partners with software-based solutions that builds bridges between residents and their new home. To bring our vision to life, an alliance was formed by former property managers, board directors, and software engineers. Armed with over 50 years of industry experience, we aim to unite residents, managers, and all in between. Join us as we walk towards the future of digital onboarding.


Necessity Breeds Ingenuity - With decades worth of Property Management and Information Technology experience, Luis Teran set out to bridge the gap between resident and community manager. To achieve this goal, Mr. Teran created Tenant Evaluation, the world's first digital onboarding platform.

tenantevaluation logo 2007


A step further into the digital realm is taken. Community Managers provide their applications to Tenant Evaluation for the processing of Background and Credit Reports.


Another first, Tenant Evaluation launches Online Document Collection, allowing residents to directly upload IDs, Lease Agreements, and Vehicle Registrations onto the platform.


Driven to further complement the application cycle, Tenant Evaluation unveils two new features. The Manager Portal is launched, a convenient database for community managers to review completed applications. In addition, Community Codes are created and assigned to each account, establishing a unique starting point for incoming residents.

tenantevaluation logo 2014


With an eye toward global sustainability, Tenant Evaluation creates the Deluxe Application. Built to bring the application process into the 21st century, the Deluxe Application feature is designed to digitize paper forms and integrate the converted files directly onto our platform, allowing for a simple “click-to-sign” feature.


The Application Portal is born, allowing incoming residents to reap the rewards of a digital platform. Move-In Details, Mandatory Documents, and Required Forms are all collected directly on our website, providing an application process that is completed in minutes.


Tenant Evaluation is fully interwoven into the application process by providing managers with a QuickApprove tool. The first of its kind, our QuickApprove feature allows both community managers and board members to cast their final decision directly on our platform.

tenantevaluation logo 2018


Tenant Evaluation launches our proprietary signature feature, further bolstering our selection of in-house tools created to expedite the onboarding process.


To further makes strides on being the most secure platform on the market, Tenant Evaluation takes a step away from the precarious method of collecting financial documents like Tax Returns and Bank Statements. In its place, the Income Report is launched, a method of financial verification that is both secure and convenient. Within the same year, a second layer of security is added by way of ID Verification, providing a new safeguard against identity theft.


QuickApprove 2.0 launches, building upon its predecessor by offering two full suites of approval capabilities while adding a customized Decision Letter onto the platform. Within six months of launch, QuickApprove 2.0 is used by over 80% of TE's user base, reinforcing how integral a component it is to the approval process.


Experience the evolution of Property Management with our bold new branding, blending AI, cutting-edge technology, innovation, and a commitment to unparalleled service.

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TE has revolutionized our onboarding process. It's efficient and user-friendly.
TE has made our onboarding process simple and hassle-free. Highly recommended.

Jane Smith


Great service and best web site experience. As a web designer I have worked with many platform and Tenant Evaluation is remarkable.

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