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Simple AI-Driven Onboarding Experience

Tenant Evaluation (TE) is your gateway to AI-driven tenant onboarding, redefining document collection, applicant screening and Digital Signature Capability for All Documents Including Regulations, Addendums, and More.


Turn Down your Workload
We've Made It Easy

Your management team will efficiently handle the initial setup forms, clearly outlining your community's rules and regulations for new renters or buyers.

AI Documents Screening

AI Documents Screening

AI tools meticulously examine applicant-provided documents, verifying authenticity and identifying any discrepancies or fraudulent activity.

Board Approval and streamlined compliance

Board Approval and Streamlined Compliance

The board will be provided with a comprehensive report on applicants, encompassing all required community documents like signed agreements, vehicle registrations, photo IDs, signed rules and regulations, pet photos, and more, enabling them to make a well-informed approval decision.

seamless experience for all sides

Seamless Experience for all sides

Applicants enjoy a clear and intuitive application process, while property managers and board members benefit from the convenience of accessing and reviewing information remotely, provided there is an internet connection.


Revolutionizing the Tenant Screening Experience

Our AI-Enhanced Tenant Evaluation System is transforming the tenant screening landscape for property managers. Equipped with comprehensive background checks, instant analytics, in-depth document collection, and AI-assisted chat support, it offers a streamlined, secure, and intuitive process for both applicants and property managers.

Advanced Background Checks

Our AI-driven system performs in-depth background checks on applicants, efficiently analyzing public records and employment history to streamline the screening process.

Real-Time Analytics Reports

We provide detailed analytics reports that enable property managers to swiftly make informed, data-driven decisions.

Document Analysis for Legitimacy

Our AI tools rigorously examine documents uploaded by applicants, verifying their authenticity to enhance the security and reliability of the application process.

24/7 AI Chatbot Support

Our AI Chatbot offers 24/7 assistance to guide applicants, respond to queries, and resolve any issues, ensuring continuous support throughout the application process.

revolutionizing onboarding with friendly digital solutions

Revolutionizing Onboarding with User-Friendly Digital Solutions

Tenant Evaluation (TE) is at the forefront of transforming the onboarding process, utilizing a blend of sophisticated AI and software-based solutions. Our goal is to simplify and enhance the digital onboarding journey for associations, community managers, and applicants, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all involved.

With TE, you can effortlessly collect documents, gather electronic signatures, and conduct applicant screenings, all in one place.

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined onboarding.

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Innovative Platform Ensuring Data Security and Fraud Detection

Tenant Evaluation is committed to your security, offering a state-of-the-art platform that adheres to PCI level 1 compliance standards. Leveraging our advanced AI technology, we excel in detecting and preventing fraud, guaranteeing a secure and dependable screening process for all users.

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TE has revolutionized our onboarding process. It's efficient and user-friendly.
TE has made our onboarding process easy and hassle-free. Highly recommended.

Lilly V.

Property Manager

Great service and best web site experience. As a web designer I have worked with many platform and Tenant Evaluation is remarkable.

Qamar Zaman


Easy and fast process, the only thing that bothered me was that the “chat” feature in the mobile version is right where you have to press “next” so you have to literally flip the phone sideways to be able to press the “next” button. But other than that it’s a smooth process.
Responsive, good support and easy to use. Best thing is that everything is online and you do not have to waste time driving to locations to complete your steps, just upload the required files and you are all set.
Love this company and site.  Fast, professional and easy to use.

Perla Garcia


Very thorough with their application process.  Customer Support quick to respond and resolve impediments.

Emily Delgado


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